Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Save the Pinoy Endangered Species!!!

Keeping my Go Green New Year's Resolution...

We cannot deny the fact that the world's population is increasing unstoppably. With around 4 babies born every second, its not just a population explosion, its a BIG BANG. (HEH!) And so more and more people are becoming concerned about the possible adverse effects of this phenomenon in terms of the available resources, the environment and ultimately our own lives.

Concerned groups such as the Center for Biological Diversity in the United States are doing their share in information dissemination. During the New Year, over 600 volunteers handed out Endangered Species Condoms in order to increase awareness about the destructive repercussions of overpopulation and overconsumption on both endangered species and their habitats.(Huffington Post)

Each package featured an artwork showing endangered species and creative slogans to convey their message to the public. Here are some samples:

O diba ang bongga? HAHAHA

So I thought why not make a similar campaign using our very own Philippine endangered species? And since our Church is very sensitive about the use of condoms, might as well advocate natural family planning. Chuice!

Here are some of my ideas. Jpeg lang to kasi cheap ako. If you guys want to volunteer in make nice artworks out of this, gow lang! Email me or something.

Lets start with our national bird (ay pangit pakinggan!),

Conyo much?!?

Okay wala na masyadong daldal, let the photos speak for themselves...

Go Bambi Gow!

Nakakatakot si Jollibee! Parang dadambahin ka!!!

Stop na daw sa Showtime Kuya Kim! Chuice!

Sorry guys, censored tayo dito!

But I guess, the best solution for overpopulation would be...

AGREEEEE? CHUICE LANG! Baka magalit ang mga parents!

So every time you go hittin', God kills a kitten! Choz lang! Isipin lamang dahan dahan mo silang inuubos!


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