Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding of the Century (Bicol Adventure Day 3)

Regine and Ogie had the Wedding of the Decade. They had the Wedding of the Century. Chuice!

Tristan Abe and Julie Rose Bagasbas- Manalang

So the real reason why we all went to Bicol happened on the third day-December 29, 2010. Everyone was excited for this day to come since they made an announcement early January of that year. Having known the couple since college (parang ang tagal-tagal na nun, anoh?) I was privileged to share with them their most memorable moment to date.

Most weddings I have been to were early or late in the afternoon. So naloka nalang talaga kami sa wedding at 8:30 AM! HAHA Woke up at 6 AM, got myself ready and we were picked up from Happy Side by a LUXURY VAN!

O diba? Leopard fur seat covers with leather-lined interiors! BONGGA!

The wedding took place in the opulent Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga

Pang Wedding of the Century talaga!!!

Side kwento: Since the place is so bongga, akala ko andun ang Our Lady of Penafrancia. Nasa Basilica pala. Fail! HAHA

And since we got there a little early, nag-photo-op muna!

Friends from Manila.
Spot KKK (Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang KoiBeyondPond) in Barong!

Boom Enriquez of Boomanism and Perps Cuevas

Fred Yang of 12 Baskets Bakeshop and Geo-anne Hernandez

Mika Millar and Current Sanggu President, Rob Roque

ITEM? Chuice! That's me and Aldo Tong

Ex-COA Presidents Clark Cue and KoiBeyondPond. Sabi ng tilt to the left?

Of course, the wedding had it's share of celebrity sightings...

Yes, "The Rapist turned THERAPIST" Res Cortez
(ang paparazzi lang ng pic)

And fresh from the latest Victoria's Secret Fashion show still with wings but this time in a traditional Filipino formal wear


The march started so we had to stop camwhoring. When the entourage has walked down the aisle, it was the bride's moment!

Say ng bubbles? :) Lovette!

Rites were carried out by Fr. Bob Buenconsejo who was also their ninong. To observe the solemnity of the sacrament, less pictures were taken. Pero may mga ibang mahirap mapalagpas

Arranged L-R from youngest to oldest
Sinong nagsabi na mas mahalay na ang mga kabataan ngayon? Peace!

Mag-paa nga ka sa altar! HAHA (Identity of owner withheld)

As the newlyweds came out they were greeted not by grains of rice but by balloons that were released together with the doves and wishes for Ate Julie and Kuya Abe

Dear Lord, sana ako na next year. Chusera!

And of course, mawawala ba naman ang kanilang eldest child na si Julia?

Family na agad!

Reception was held at Villa Caceres Hotel- which I think is the most sosyal hotel in Naga

L-R. Ley Tumlos, Chris Castillo of ADMU OSA, Nicolo Ludovice, Victa Garde and Lippy Lipio


No photos were taken while eating since we were all focused on our food. We got so excited for the wedding that we all forgot to take breakfast. I believe everyone had 2nd's (1 as breakfast and the next round was for lunch HAHA)

While eating we were serenaded by the Pastillas Brothers

Echos lang. Para kasi silang naka pastillas wrapper. Pero brothers talaga sila ah!

And you may not know it yet but there has been a silent war during the whole trip...


But sadly (sadly?!?) the bouquet and garter games proved that the Law of Nature prevails...


*evil looks* choz

Then the money dance!

Oh and that's Saz Sazon of OnMedia Solutions as the official photographer

An SDE (same-day edit) wedding video was shown as well to cap off the celebration. This was courtesy of Morny de Guzman and Mai Dionisio. Ill try to post it here when I get a copy.

But the party did not stop there. True to to being the Wedding of the Century, we were off via the luxury van (haha) to the couple's hometown in Sipocot, Camarines Sur for ANOTHER reception

Yes eto talaga ang nasa mga mesa. Hindi water, hindi coke. WINNER!

We stayed for a short while only since Geo, Fred and I had to catch the bus for Manila at 9 PM. Our ever supportive friends joined us back to Naga na rin

Last picture in Naga! Notice the haggard-o versoza in everyone's faces

It was an Amazing Race to the Bus terminal with the three of us literally running around looking for our bus! We made it though and had enough time to buy some pasalubong. The 9-hour bus ride was smooth but it was too cooold inside. Kasing lamig ng Pasko ko! Chuice!

I believe the whole Bicol trip was the highlight of my 2010! Being with friends in a new place is always a fun experience. Next stop, Cagayan de Oro? (Hi Ria and Renmar!)

Photos courtesy of Boom Enriquez, Rob Roque and Clark Cue

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