Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Ultimate Singles' Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday! You truly made my weekend special! MWAH!

Last week we talked about gifts that you could give your loved ones on Valentine's day. Well here's a post dedicated to all singles out there as we (take note, WE) usher in the SINGLES' AWARENESS DAY.

Most people dread it. Some people refuse to go out so as to avoid sights that would remind them of love, or the lack thereof. Well I guess the secret really is to KEBS everything and everyone around. I'm not saying that you should be a V-Day Grinch or some love vampire who walks around sucking in people's good vibes. Ang sa akin lang, you can pretend as if it was a normal day and try not to get too much affected by the mushiness around.

I've listed things na most likely ay ipangangalandakan sa mukha niyo tomorrow . Together with each object is a statement that you can repeatedly say to yourself to help you get through the day.

Let's start with the most common...

Sayang lang yan sa pera! Bukas bulok na!

And then the traditional...

Ang daming pinutol na puno para diyan! Save Mother Earth noh!

The most difficult to resist...

Gusto mo ba ng +200 LBS???

The cutest thing...
Wag na baka magka asthma pa ako!

The most precious...

Nako baka ma hold-up pa ako kung may suot akong ganyan!

And the most painful of all...


Go try it! If you make it through the entire Feb 14 without feeling sorry for yourself ...


echos lang.

So you might be thinking, ANG BITTER NAMAN NITO! Well my dears kesa manghamon kayo ng away sa mga taken jan always remember...

It is better to be bitter
than to let others be hurt by calling her a flirt!

On a serious note, you may not have someone special on Valentine's day but never forget that you will always have YOURSELF! So don't forget to love yourself not just tomorrow but everyday! =)

Happy Hearts Day everyone!

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