Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

So it's exactly 1 week before Valentine's day and I still dont have a date. ECHOS. As if nagkaroon ever!
Hoy! Mga batang to!!!

The day of hearts is one of the most anticipated day for lovers... and perhaps the most dreaded day for the single and the lonely. (Bitter-bitteran strike #2!) But let's save the latter for another post. Today we shall focus on those who have a special someone they can celebrate the event with.

We (WE?!?!) usually plan an elaborate day. Perhaps start with breakfast/brunch then a trip to the spa, an intimate sosyalan dinner and if maswerte, tuloy sa hotel. (or motel kung cheapangga lang). But I guess the most challenging would be thinking of THE gift. Crucial because it could make or break the whole celebration, kebs sa ibang effort.

So allow me to make some recommendations. Samahan na natin ng cheesy lines as package deal.

1. A different kind of party

With you, I always feel like I am born again!
Yes kakaiba. Di lang eto celebration its a celAbration!!!

Kung gusto mo ng mejo private

2. Special Bath

Let me bathe you with my PRECIOUS love!
Mejo cheap nga lang
. Silver not gold!

3. Makeover!

I will always love matter how you look now and even as we grow old KAHIT MAGMUKHANG DRAG QUEEN???

4. Sweet Nothings

Kahit mabulok ako sa kakaantay, andito lang ako...
GREEN!?! Yes, ube talaga yan. YUCK ha!

4. Spa treatment

Because you are worth every penny to me!
Grabe. Masabi lang na
below 100 pesos!

5. Personalized item

You will always be safe with me...

well if wala sa budget, I guess the most meaningful gift you can offer...

5. Your HEART!

Buong puso ko ang iaalay sayo!
Twin na, XXL size pa!

Ok namamatay na ako sa ka-cheesy-han! Di naman ako makarelate! CHUICE!!!

Happy Hearts Day guys!

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