Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a CONYO World!

Going to the Ateneo, I've been exposed to a lot of conyos. You know parang like those people who like speak this weeeey. It's funny to recall that when I was a freshman, I passed by the benches along Berchmans Hall and I overheard a girl saying "You know it was like, parang ano..." At naisip ko nalang, JUSKO LORD ANO BA TONG PINASOK KO?!?!

I guess the conyo fever is no longer just within the school as it apparently conquered even the streets!

And if you are looking for the ultimate person to blame, siya na ata...

O diba? Like ang dami niyang nasabing like and it's like nakakahawa!

But oh well, what is there not to like about this boy? He's talented, rich, kind, smart, and fine, kere. Parang ang hirap niya tuloy okrayin. With that, eto lang ang masasabi ko...

LECHE KA!!!!!!

Bitter much??? Chuice lang!

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