Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Koibeyondpond Truly Goes Beyond the Pond! Day 1

Hi all! Miss me? Im sure you do! CHUSERA! Well I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Kinarir ko lang talaga ang Holy Week and I decided to devote more time for Him. I won't share more about my reflections bilang serious yun- not funnn.

I felt lucky having a 6-day weekend. Thanks to the office summer outing last Monday and Tuesday. Well, we spent one day and a half at some far far place called MANILA OCEAN PARK! Layo no? But even if it was a mere 40-50 minute drive from Katipunan, it did not mean the experience was less fun. In fact, kinabagan lang ako sa kakatawa!

Trivia flash: Before I learned about the wonderful world of the male species, I had fish as pets. CHAROT! So basically, mahilig talaga ako sa mga isda.

Got to Manila Ocean Park at around 11:oo AM Monday

Drop-off point pa lang kodakan na! That's Ms. Nimfa, Auee and Koibeyondpond

Walked a little more into the complex and...

Welcome to Manila Ocean Park!!! Tourist na tourist lang ang peg!

We stayed overnight at the Hotel H2O which was within the complex. In fairness to the place, it was sowsyal!

A panoramic view of the main lobby.

It was so hot that day so while checking-in...

Pose muna!
Subtext: Get ready Little Mermaid, eto na ang katapat mo!

And here's our room!

Don't be fooled by the background! Hindi yan wall paper but a real aquarium! KABOGG!

O diba? Real swimming fish! May yellow fin, lapu-lapu, talakitok and bangus. CHOZ. Actually I don't know their names ang kilala ko lang si Nemo!

While waiting for Dani to arrive, we had lunch by the sea.

Eating in style. The air wasn't exactly fresh (duh Manila Bay) But kebs! Gutom na ako!

Toured a little more...

Chaneling Divine Lee's Cross over. CHE!

Meanwhile in the Lounge we saw something interesting...

3 Newspapers had almost the same headlines!

So our first activity was the trip to the Oceanarium...

Yes, parang tour lang ng Ms. Earth Philippines contestants!
But wait akala ko ba Oceanarium?? Bakit parang nasa rain forest?!?!

This greeted us in the entrance...

Giant I don't know fish!

I swear ang laki niya! KROKOOOOT! While observing that huge creature all I could think of was this...

Holy week hangover much???

Walking into the park, we saw this!!!!

Ay I like!!!!

You dip the feeding bottle into the aquarium and the Kois will be attacking the nipple like hungry babies

Sorry anak ah, kapos tayo eh! Share share muna!

Meanwhile I noticed something more exciting than feeding the Kois...

Thank you Auee for being the props! CHOZ. But please direct your attention to that kerreh Ocenarium crew!
Parang gusto kong lumapit at sabihing " Hi! I'm Koi too! Will you feed me please?" CHAROT

So maraming mga isdang makukulay along the trail. Some were beautiful some were panget. Some were pretty to have in an aquarium while some were bagay na ihain pang-ulam!

The most bongga part...

Theme: Saklolo! With a smile

There were live corals, manta rays and sharks! May mga divers din na pakitang gilas kung makasakay sa shark! Parang "kuya napanood niyo po ba ang Jaws?"

Speaking of sharks there was a tank full of them...

AIRPORT?!?! Hoy mga batugan may mga turista! Mag-inarte kayo!

Then we went to see the sea lions...

And saw something more! Hey kere! Atenshun!

We went to see tanks of jelly fish too! And the laser light show but I don't have the pics yet :)

And that's day 1!

Watch out for Day 2! The fish spa (pag-iinarte videos included HAHA), going to the gym (!) doing the belly dance (!!!) and battling Little Mermaid!


Pictures courtesy of Ria Roa

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