Monday, April 18, 2011

Blocks to Breakthroughs

Challenges come on a daily basis. It could go as simple as how to cross the street to more complicated ones like how to say no to someone asking you out on a date. (Both examples are lifted from my current experiences. CHUICE!) Well as the wise people would say, we shouldn't be focusing on the problem but how on we approach it. If we succeed, congratulations! If we fail then at least we have lessons to learn.

Ok itigil na natin ang panchacharot na to. Proceed na agad sa kwento!

In the tradition of Semana Santa (ano daw?!?), I would like to share my latest challenge. At sasagarin ko na sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng tips on how you can overcome your personal challenges too.


Last week, I went to Cantina for a quick chill drinking with my friends. Upon leaving I failed to ask for water so I arrived home with my throat as dry as my love life (aray.) I went straight to the kitchen to get a glass. Pag-arrive sa water dispenser, leche mas dry pa eto sa lalamunan ko!

Me and my bratty self thought of three possible approaches to my concern:

1. A man can live without water for 3 days. Ano ba naman ang overnight? Itutulog ko nalang to!
2. I-refill ang dispenser. Pero hello naman sa 5 gallons!!! Baka maputol naman ang arms ko niyan!
3. Bumili ng tubig sa 7-11 just outside the village. Yung mejo malaki na para good for 5 days. At least yun kaya kong buhatin.

I opted for the 3rd solution but I decided to change into my pambahay mode first. As I was changing I realized that I was faced with
an opportunity to learn something new (Yes, yun talaga naisip ko. That was not a choz). FINE! OPTION 2 NA!

Here are some tips that I followed as I braved that 5 gallon-monster. Might be helpful for you guys too!

1. Don't dwell on the negative things that can happen. Instead, be realistic and a little more positive. Example:

a. Baka maputol ang kamay ko = EKSAHERADA KA LANG!
b. Baka matapon ang water= eh di punasan after!

2. Think of your strength and confidence PEG. Ikaw bahala kung trip mo si Superman, Wolverine, Starla or Doraemon basta nakakarelate ka. Well ang naging peg ko that night was of course...

Xena the Warrior Princess
Because I may be a princess but definitely not a damsel in distress! Charlotte.

3. Channel the energy of your peg. Magcostume, mag make up or kumuha ng props. In my case, nagsisigaw ako sa bahay ng HUUUH! AYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYI!!! Good thing all windows were shut so mejo sound proof.

4. Practice your attack. Well I took the empty container and practiced how I should pour the new one. With matching angle calculations pa!

And so, having followed these steps...

No spill!!! Nothing 2-BIG for me!

After that feeling ko kaya ko nang gawin ang lahat! Magluto, maglaba, magplantsa, maglinis ng banyo, magsaing, magpalit ng pampers! (Ay maid ang peg?)

Basta, win na win! And that elevated me to the ranks of ...



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