Monday, May 2, 2011

Because I was there...

I got my invite to the Royal Wedding a month ago. But due to prior commitments, I decided to send my regrets. The Prince replied with deepest disappointment. I had to make other serious excuses for him to accept my absence. After all, he's getting married to Kate. It was time for the both of us to move on...

Kahit na ako'y hamak na nagmamaganda lang, the Royal Wedding was not something to be missed. And while most people had TV's in front of them, I had to rely on live streaming. Ang dami kong tinry ah! BBC, CNN, Ustream, YouPorn (CHAR.) but all of them were slow.

Only to find out, the one that could give me the best streaming would be GMA News Online. Salamat! It was pixelated but oh well at least tuloy-tuloy. But theeeeen...

Uhhh, kung sino mang bantay nito, may virus daw ang computer! Pakilinis plezz

Thankfully they were able to fix it. And so ituloy ang kasal!

So pano nga if I was really invited to the Royal Wedding? Tanggalin na natin ang pag-iilusyong KoiBeyondPond and HRH Prince William and for some strange twist of fate, I was at Westminster Abbey to witness the event? Eh di as usual, maghahanap lang din ako ng ma-eechos!

Thanks to Getty Images, I shall recreate the wedding in the eyes of KoiBeyondPond...

10:15 AM: Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey

10:42: The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive

Pedo-incest?? EWW. Chuice!
10:55 AM: The Bridesmaids and Pages arrive

Girl, bata ka pa wag ka masyadong conscious!

But oh well, everything must be in order...

Notice this Page boy. Becky Tendency # 1

While waiting...

Becky tendency #2

11:00 AM: Marriage Service begins

Feel ko Photoshopped na to. heehee

Shempre, meron at merong mag-rereact na guests...


12:15 PM: Service ends and the Royal Procession begins

Once a brat, always a brat!!!

And while everyone is overjoyed...


At kung may bida...


Becky tendency #3

1:25 PM: The couple and their families appear in the Buckingham Palace Balcony

Jusko girl, attitude problem na yan!

And to cap off the celebration PEECHUR PEECHUR!
Mabuhay and bagong kasal!

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