Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's Get Physical!

A healthy fish brings laughing hearts- yan ng bago kong motto. Effect no?

Well I just realized that in order to stay committed to keeping your hearts happy and your stomachs aching from all the laughing (there's like that??) I should be more mindful of my health. Kasi naman kung may sakit ako or mainit ang ulo ko eh di walang post! Sad diba? CHAREEEEENG.

Just to give you a background di ko talaga forte ang pagiging health buff.

1. I eat a lot- Thankfully, my metabolism is fast so whatever I eat gets burned easily. To quote my favorite Marian Rivera, MEYTEYN ang figure! And mind you, I devour anything. Meat, rice, potatoes, chips, chocolates, damo, bubble gum, straw, plastic utentils! Ok exagg, nginu-nguya ko lang yung last few items.

2. I am not a fan of exercise- I had several attempts to start a jogging habit. Having stayed inside the Ateneo for 5 years, I had the whole campus to jog around. Well my main motivation were the kere joggers I encounter (encounter?!?!). But nung dahan-dahang nawala ang mga kere, nawala na rin ang aking drive. Di ko rin naman bet ang gym. Kahit iharap mo pa sa akin ang mga naglalakihang muscles, kebs! Matutulog nalang ako ang I'll see them in my dreams instead! Chuice!

Pero fine, let's give health a chance.

It all started during the very famous escapade in the Manila Ocean Park. Part of Hotel H2O's perks was the free use of the gym. At bilang kere ang in-house instructor...


FishFLirt Tip #1: Tanga-tangahan school of acting

"Uhm excuse me, can you teach me how to use the treadmill? Uhm, I actually don't go to the gym and I just wanted to try it out" Spoken in the perfect Arrneow accent. Ang effect? May video, towel at advice pa! Well, I guess yun naman talaga ang trabaho niya.

Anyway since the gym routine bored me to death, I joined by office mates to some simple steps in....


Auee (the one who taught us) is actually a professional belly dancer and she is part of the group called Goddesses of Belly Dance. Know more about them here!

I was game to try some basic steps but knowing me chinarot ko lang din siya in the process!

Lesson #1: Hip Sway

YAN! Lesson #1 pa lang nanggugulo na sa klase!

But oh well, practice makes PWEDE!

Sorry guys, bawal mabighani! CHAR.

Lesson #2: Shoulder movements

"Nako ah, ang hirap, makapag ayos na nga lang ng hair!"
Notice the mahadera face in the end of the clip

Lesson #3: Knee thing. (Halatang di nakinig!)


After minutes of training, here's the final performance!

At naghangad talaga ng boobs!!!

Oh well at least I realized that belly dancing is not for me. Perhaps I can do other workouts because I am really committing myself to a healthier lifestyle.

And with that, I shall be going through a 3-day cleansing diet together with Tim and Ate Ria starting tomorrow. This will be the start of the many more diet routines courtesy of Tim's new cellphone application na baka scam lang. CHAR. I'll blog about it next time.

Baboo! :D

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