Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pag-iinarte sa Fish Spa

Now that the Royal Wedding hullabaloo has died a natural death, let's go back to regular programming.

In the previous post, I blogged about our office outing to the land far far away called Manila Ocean Park and here's Day 2. Missed part 1? Read about it HERE.

Well the highlight of the day would be the fish spa. Kung nung day 1 nagpakain ako ng Koi fish, day 2 witnessed KoibeyondPond being eaten by kapwa fish.

Trivia: The fish spa is actually a small tank filled with hundreds of Nibble Fish (sabi ng karatula) but according to the manong bantay they are called NOBEL FISH. Ewan ko bakit ganun, baka di siya nagreveiw ng spiel. Charot.

Anyway these animals feed on your dead skin cells. According to the story, there was once a shepherd from Turkey (?) na naglublub sa pond with all these fishy-fishy. Surprisingly the sores and wounds on his feet healed after siyang magpalapa sa mga isda. Yuck lang talaga sa taste ng mga isdang to!

Sidekwento (ang daming segments ng post na to): When I was young, the only time I would refuse to go with my mom was when she does marketing--as in pamamalengke. I hate the wet market. Mygad. With all malalansang isda around tapos pag sinabuyan ni Manang ng tubig yung mga isda kasama ka! YIIIIII

So you can just imagine na mag-iinarte talaga ako sa fish spa na yan! But oh well for the sake of experience, GOW! We made it a point to try it out first thing in the morning to make sure that the water is clean and para wala pang mga alipunga ng iba diba?

Here are the raw footages of Ang Pag-iinarte sa Fish Spa. For my readers who do not know me personally, well maririnig niyo na ako so the next time you read the posts, may boses and manner of delivery na kayong maiimagine!

Part 1: Initial Encounter

O diba? Palayasin mo nga ang mga isda!

Part 2:Ang Laitera

"Hindi ba kayo kumain???" = "MAG PATAY GUTOM!!!"

Part 3: Ang Mahadera

"MAYGAD you're all here! Get out!!!!"

After a few minutes, you'll get used to the concept of animals biting on your skin. It's not painful at all, only ticklish. In fact when Coach Pia dared me to try other parts...

Avail! Come fishies! Feast on my beauty!

By this time inechos ko nalang ang mga isda.

Part 4: Ang Utusera


The experience was supposed to be for 20 minutes only. But since wala pa namang tao, we stayed for another 20 minutes or so. By then I was feeling happy with their service.

Part 5: Meet Cherie Gil

After the fish spa, my feet were as soft as a baby's skin

They were smooth as silk too! You know why?

Ate bantay: Ah kasi po yung laway nila may moisturizer.

Backflip!!! Kadiri!!!!

Oh well, the next time you drop by Manila Ocean Park, don't forget to try this out! Just make sure wala masyadong tao para di yuck.

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