Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Koi Finds a New Pond!

Ever since I went to college in Manila, I have been somewhat living on my own. For 4 years the Cervini Hall in the Ateneo has been my second home. And on my fifth year, the new University Dormitory.

I did have roommates and close friends in the dorm. So technically, di naman talaga ako alone. But of course, there was a certain level of independence in terms of how to spend your money and your time. My biggest fear then was not finishing college and going back to the Davao. Ay nako, aawardan ka nang “ Ang na-culture shock at nagwala sa Manila” Paka chaka lang! Di bagay sa beauty ko!!

Thankfully bumongga naman ako. Grades were excellent at nakapag-maganda pa ako sa extra curricular activities. Char. After graduation, I moved to my sister’s place. In fairness, it was a life of luxury. May aircon, cable, wifi, hot water and merMAID 24/7. Dagdagan mo pa ng park at swimming pool 2 minutes away. Mapapasigaw ka talaga ng PAKSHET! Diziz da laaaaaayff!!! My sister and her family were indeed a huge blessing for me.

But then they had to relocate to Cebu for better work opportunities. Patay, palaboy na ang peg! This time, alone na alone na talaga ako!!! No one to cook for me, clean my room or even say hi when I get home (emotera!)

I started looking for a new place and jusko lang di siya madali. Well I guess kasi maarte ako. Ayoko ng pangit na banyo, linoleum floors at maraming insketo! Pero anubez, kung magrerent din lang, dun na sa comfortable ako! Just to show you here are some places I saw...

Nako, di yan camera trick! Mejo tagilid talaga yung sink area! Pati yung floor uneven! Ayaw ni PNoy, di matuwid na daan!

No offence ah, pero is this a bodega? Low ceiling with no ventilation. Jusko teh mukhang ba akong kahon for storage???

May nakita pa akong parang bilibid ang setting. Kaloka! Baka may manlapastangan pa sa akin. Charot!

Thankfully my friend Tim was moving to another place so his former place was obviously freeing up. It wasn’t exactly the best place to nurture my kaaretehan but considering my budget, I simply trusted my ability to transform simple things to breathtaking masterpieces! HEH.

After 1 month of planning, packing, buying things at pagiging Fairy Godmother, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Koi’s new pond

Aminin! Epek na epek ang warm light! Btw, di porn yang pinapanood ko, ok?

It’s a studio unit but I made sure na parang bahay lang na may mga segments

The living area

This is where I work and write my posts. Guests can sit here as well. And when they want to sleep over, the can transform into a bed

The kitchen area

Complete with cute ref and microwave. May sideline pa akong mini sari-sari store! Chuice!

The bed space

Dito nangyayari lahat ng maisip niyo. CHOOOOOOZ!!!! Spot Coco Martin. In fair talaga ang YAMMY niya! Times 2 pa sila sa teleserye

The door that you saw in the first picture leads to a small balcony. Perfect sa mga emo-emohan moments and…KERE WATCHING! Nasampolan ko na nga eh!!

Hey there neighbor! Kung sawa ka na sa place mo, dito ka muna! Heeeheeheee

Not in the picture: The washroom and the balcony

My place is 100% functional already. I can lounge around, prepare meals, take a bath, entertain guests and bring home... take out food. (Kala niyo ah!) Kulang nalang mga kaartehan. I’m still looking for the perfect curtain, carpet and paintings. Hotel feeling kasi ang gusto kong maachieve! AMBISYOSYA!

And I try to keep it clean and presentable all the time. In fact I spent the whole Sunday morning sweeping, wiping dust off and scrubbing the floor with domex! Grabe kabogg ko na siya…

Pero girl, keri ko nang mag-isa. No thanks sa tulong ng mga ipis friends mo.

I’m proud of my place and this new found independence. And I have thank my sister, her family and my mom for the support and their generosity (most of my stuff were donated :)) Thanks to my friends too who are helping me adjust slowly. Tipid-tipid nalang in order to pay the bills and still enjoy a little comfort.

Cheers to the new pond! Housewarming soon?

PS: Hi to Toni Villafuerte! Siya nagcoin ng term na "new pond"

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