Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Group Buying sites? Then you will Love Dealies!

Have you noticed the sudden surge of group buying sites? Locally I know of Deal Grocer, BUYanihan, Ensogo and Cash Cash Pinoy. Feel ko para silang kabute na nagsulputan at nakakaloka lang ang mga deals! From degustation in fine restaurants to vacation packages in Palawan to treatments in spas and salons. Jusko I wouldn’t be surprised if someday naka-deal na rin ang mga sako ng bigas, kilo kilo ng botchang baboy at tilapia from the fish kill, and extra service! CHAROT LANG!

The concept is actually very exciting. Pero sa dami ng mga yan, member lang ako ng isa. Waley. I think because it’s tiring to go through each group buying site searching for good deals. Ang effort lang ah! Kung masipag ka gow but seriously, don’t we just wish we had enough time simply doing that? Plus, I don’t want them spamming my email. Hina-high blood kaya ako kapag nagbubukas ng inbox tapos sasabihing 30 new messages! Puro echos echosan lang pala.

Pero sayang din naman yung mga deals ano! I think whoever thought of group buying sites is a genius. San ka nga bang makakakita ng 11 course meal by Chef Achuchubells for less than a thousand?

Thank God there’s now Dealies! Wit, hindi dilis. HEH KORNI


"Dealies aggregates all the deals from every active group buying site, shopping clubs, etc into one feed, so that you don’t get bombarded with different deals from different sites" Galeng no??

"Dealies also minimizes the amount of email notification group buying subscribers get by giving them an option to select which deal category, group buying site, location, price range, etc., theywould want to receive updates from."

Mind you, Dealies is under Global Leads Group, a Berlin, Germany based start-up involved in several e-commerce sites around the world. SHUSHAL.

Basically, Dealies makes deal searching and buying easier. Gives you more time to do other things like focusing on work, stalking keres on facebook or streaming porn. CHAROT. Di ko sinasabing ginagawa niyo yun. Ako lang. CHAROT ULET

GOW visit now!

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