Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Getting Back in Shape, Titanium and Other New Adventures Outside the Pond!

True to the message of Easter, I have risen! #lakas #blasphemy

Anyhow, after a looooooooong time, I'm back. I must admit I lost the blogging mojo- feeling that I really got tired of looking for funny things in life. Been busy with my new project as well- the Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances. (Pwede ilike? Thanks!)


Oh well Direk Roel, I've listed a lot of things to do this year which include:

1. Grow the perfume business (bili na!)
2. Revive the blog (Hep! Heto na!)
3. Get back in shape

Yes. Sasaksakin niyo ako for calling myself fat. Pero heller, this was me circa (circa?!?) 2008...

Pretty. With fuller hair. Litaw ang jawline

This is me now...

Still pretty. Alec Balding. With glasses at bilugan ang fez!

Friends tell me "Uy nagkalaman ka!" But I was in denial. After all my clothes and pants still fit. My mom even said, "Ang taba mo! Mag gym kaya!". Aray ha- but I'm too kuripot to get a membership.

Until one day, the manang from my laundry shop exclaimed " HUY ANG TUMATABA KA!" In my mind "CLOSE TAYO???!?!?"

Then after work, I went to Aura Salon to get a haircut ( yes may nagugupit pa sa hair kong on Fall Season) and the assistant also said "BUMIBILOG KA!!!"


When I got home, I changed into sweats and ran around the village! I ran until I got all sweaty. Tapos kumain ng...


Two weeks later and I was still enthusiastic about jogging. Apart from jogging around the village, my ever faithful, supportive and loyal friend Ping ( heeeey guuuurl!) and I would go to Moro to use the oval. That and mag piyesta over rice and...


One day we were talking:

Ping: nagjojog ka sa Varsity diba? Ako rin dati!
Koi: Ay oo pero minsan ayoko mangarir kasi baka may aso.
Ping: Meron nga pero lahat naman sila nakatali or may bantay
Koi: Winner!!!!

Two weeks later following my route around Varsity Hills and jogging to the tune of Titanium ( lakaaaaas) I headed to the far end of Abada. Mejo madilim pero kebs.

3 meters ahead may aso.

Stop naman ako sa pagtakbo

Then I remembered what Ping said: LAHAT NG ASO NAKATALI

So best in charge forward ako. Because I am titanium!!!!

Eh titanium din yung aso?!?!? So best in habol sa akin!!!!


The following wee my concerns at that time in order of priority:

1. Ping sabi mo lahat ng aso nakatali!!!!
2. Naka shorts ako wala siyang lalapain kundi legs ko!!
3. Omayged ASKAL!!! Kung makagat naman ako sana may breed! Or eto

Sige gow! Habulin niyo ako at tatakbo akong papalapit!

4. Rabis!!!

----- ( daming paaaaarts!)

So how did I survive the attack of the Askal? Take note of this in case of emergency.

1. Shout!!! I shouted, cursed, called on Jesus and Mama Mary in one breath. Sorry!
2. Bite your tongue- Sabi yan ng matatanda
3. Chant "Exodus 11:7" why?

But among the Israelites not a dog will bark at any person or animal.' Then you will know that the LORD makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.

Ok ginawa ko to while running palayo. WITH MY HEAD FACED BACK. Mukhang engot but I had to check whether maabutan niya ako diba!

So there, the dog felt he's more titanium than me so he stopped chasing my poor beauty.

I went home straight after. Lupaypay, pawisan and all. In fair marami-raming calories din ang naburn dun!

I hope to keep the blog alive by posting more often! So help me God! Meanwhile, please like my page KoiBeyondPond ( MAKAPLUG) to get updates

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  1. Yahooooo!!!!! I love that you're back, zizter!! ;-P


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